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Converting Popup Camper To Hard Sides Continued

Converting Popup Camper To Hard Sides Continued

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I am converting my popup camper into a solar powered cryptocurrency mining farm. This will have full security and solid walls to prevent intruders and theft.

I am putting plywood on the sides, under the original soft sides, to strengthen up the place and protect it from intruders.

I am using an Arduino micro computer to control alarms and security a well. And the Arduino will monitor both the battery and solar panel voltages and turn cryptocurrency mining rigs on and off as the power is available.

As the sun rises in the morning, the Arduino will sense the increasing power available and turn on more mining rigs. Later as the sun starts to set it will turn off rigs one by one.

If storms or clouds come along the micro computer will turn on or off mining rigs as needed so protect the solar battery bank from damage.

The battery bank will only be there as a buffer for the solar charge controllers and power inverters which will run the entire cryptocurrency mining farm.

I managed to get most of the walls done today but it was very hot and humid so the work was slow going. And a thunderstorm was on its way so later I had to put everything away for the day.


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