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5KW Solar Panels Delivered To The Off Grid Project

5KW Solar Panels Delivered To The Off Grid Project

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I had 4.9 KW of solar panels delivered to our off grid homestead today. This is a pallet containing twenty 245 Watt solar panels with broken glass.

The solar panels should still work at near their original rated capacity even with broken glass as long as the solar cells inside are not broken.

I plan to protect them from the elements before putting them into use.

I got my multimeter and measured the output of a few of the solar panels in full sunlight. The smashed one was only producing 10 volts. The partially smashed one was producing near its rated voltage but will most likely produce less current. The third panel also produced near its rated voltage.

But I will not know anything about these really until I hook them up and measure the current output.

While waiting for the delivery truck I worked on the converted popup camper for a bit. I removed the screws holding the plywood to the ceiling so I could adjust the roof a bit. Then I jacked up the rear of the camper some to move the roof into place better.

I was then able to get the original door hung into place. But it is binding in the middle so I have some work to do on it yet.

I had to get back to the store so that was it for today.


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