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Testing Pallet Of Broken Solar Panels And Building Racks

Testing Pallet Of Broken Solar Panels And Building Racks

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I recently bought a pallet of broken solar panels to extend our overall homestead power capacity. I am sorting through them all today.

I first got two halfway decent solar panels sorted out and build an adjustable rack to hold four solar panels. Then I mounted two solar panels to the rack. I found out that most of the panels have something much more wrong with them other than broken glass.

These panels are not producing their rated power output at all. Some of the strings are not connected anymore. This was not how they were listed on ebay.

I will have to see if I can fix them myself. I sure hope so. I had only planned to weatherproof the panels and put them into service right away.

I ended up with three panels that produce close to their rated output. There are 8 panels which have lost 1/3 of their capacity. And 6 panels are only producing 1/3 of their capacity. Three are badly destroyed in shipping by the freight company.

I hope the companies will take care of me on this.


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