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Arduino Controlled Solar Power Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

Arduino Controlled Solar Power Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs

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The Arduino now automatically turns on/off solar cryptocurrency mining rigs as solar power becomes available.

I am setting up this Arduino micro computer to fully automate the turning on and off of solar powered cryptocurrency mining rigs as the sun rises in the sky or sets later at night. This will also turn off rigs if a storm comes in.

There is a volt meter which reads in the power level coming in from the solar panels. This tells the Arduino when to turn on or off cryptocurrency mining rigs.

As the sun rises in the sky, the solar panel output rises and the Arduino will start turning on cryptocurrency mining rigs. Later as the sun sets in the evening sky the Arduino will sense the reduced solar panel production and start turning off cryptocurrency mining rigs for the night. At night all systems will be shut down to reduce the load on the battery bank.

The solar battery bank is only there as a buffer for the solar charge controllers and for passing clouds.

I have it running well on the bench and controlling a single altcoin mining rig for real based in the voltage input.

Now it is time to set this up to control multiple solar powered cryptocurrency mining rigs and then put it into use on the off grid mining farm.

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