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Experiments With The Bedini Motor Output

Experiments With The Bedini Motor Output

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3 years
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This is a very short and simple experiment but the outcome will take time to see. I am going to charge one battery with a capacitor in parallel and the other without. Read full article: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/articles/article.php?id=11460

Based on previous experiments using a capacitor in parallel with a battery being charged on the Bedini motor I am going to take two exact same batteries and put a capacitor in parallel with one while the other will be a control battery.

It seems like with my single coil Bedini motor when I put a capacitor across a battery terminals when it is being charged the voltage jumps up higher. So it appears that the battery is charging faster. I performed a couple experiments earlier and now I am going to do a long term test.

I am using a single coil Bedini motor with a single transistor. But I have three diodes on the transistor collector. One diode is leading out to a pair of 216 Ah golf cart batteries.

The other two diodes are connected together at the same point.

These do diodes go to two exact same 12 Ah batteries that were very dead when I got them.

One battery will have a capacitor across its terminals. The other will not have one.

I will run the Bedini motor until the batteries no longer take a charge and then check their voltages.

If my theory is correct then the battery with the capacitor will charge faster than the one without.

Everything else in the experiment will remain the same.


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