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Amazing Little USB Powered Soldering Iron Outperforms Larger Irons

Amazing Little USB Powered Soldering Iron Outperforms Larger Irons

Do It Yourself Electronics

2 years
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One of my viewers sent me this USB powered soldering iron and I cannot believe how amazing it is. This tiny thing heats up nearly immediately and outperforms larger soldering irons I have used.

I got this a while ago but my wife Melanie put it "away" somewhere and I finally got it back. Now I could try it out.

I did not expect a tiny little 5 volt USB powered soldering iron to do anything at all really. I fully expected to be disappointed when I tried it out for the first time.

I am using a portable USB battery pack to power the soldering iron. This is convenient for on the go work or where you do not have power such as on the other side of my electronics lab. I am still setting it up so I dont have power there yet.

I could not believe when I plugged it in that it was already smoking. This thing gets hot immediately. I with my plug in soldering iron would do that.

With USB power I did not think this could solder anything.

So I put together a circuit that is supposed to harness energy from the air. It is based on a Tesla invention.

The soldering iron performed very well.

I am seriously surprised and impressed with this thing.

This is now my favorite soldering iron.


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