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Why You Should Join DIY Tube Video Community

Why You Should Join DIY Tube Video Community

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2 years
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There are many advantages to joining DIY Tube Video Community. You can read the full blog post here: https://www.diytube.info/intruduction/why-choose-diy-tube-video-community-over-other-video-sharing-sites/

We are often asked the question "why should I join DIY Tube instead of YouTube" or some other site. Actually we dont ask you to leave anything but rather join us as well for the many benefits of having a channel on DIY Tube.

Members get an instant, free and anonymous account. For basic membership without moving coins on the blockchain outside DIY Tube we never need to know anything about you except for your email. And that is only to retrieve lost passwords or occasional updates.

You can upload unlimited numbers of videos for free onto our cloud storage. You can, and should backup all of your videos onto DIY Tube for free. This will provide you with a backup of all your work in case you lose your videos elsewhere. Channels on other sites can be shut down and hard drives die. Having a copy of your videos in the cloud means stability and reliability. Your videos will always be there for you.

You should also promote your new channel on DIY Tube so that, if or when something happens to other video sharing sites, you have a following already and people can find you here.

Also by becoming active on DIY Tube today you start to earn cryptocurrency the very next day. Members are paid in DIY Tube Coins every 24 hours for activities on out site. If you write a comment today, you get paid tomorrow. With cryptocurrency on the rise, now is the time to get started.

DIY Tube Coins are a virtual coin inside the DIY Tube Video Community. This provides us with the ability to have micro payments every day inside the system with no cost to anyone. If you decide to trade out your earned coins to the Ethereum blockchain, only then do you start to see transaction fees in the real world.

DIY Tube Coins then become DIY Tube tokens which can be saved, sold or traded for other cryptocurrencies on coin exchanges.

DIY Tube also protects you from spam and harassment. DIY Tube takes a strong stand against harassment and protects your right to voice your opinion.

If you feel that you are not being discovered on other sites, come to DIY Tube where everyone gets their time on the homepage. Tell everyone else as well.

Join us today: https://www.diytube.video


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