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A Dell PowerVault Hard Drive Enclosure For DIY Tube Data Center

A Dell PowerVault Hard Drive Enclosure For DIY Tube Data Center

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10 months
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I got a Dell PowerVault hard drive enclosure to experiment with. I am setting up a home data center and server system as I experiment and plan for the new DIY Tube data center.

Recently I picked up 13 older servers which I am experimenting with. I am setting up some servers at home to use as a development center where I will test upgrades and hardware for DIY Tube Video Community.

The other day I got some hard drives in the mail. Now today I got my Dell PowerVault hard drive enclosure. I am still waiting for a Perc 6/E card and cable so I can put it all together.

The idea is to set up a whole mess of smaller hard drives for DIY Tube video storage. This will distribute video streaming across many hard drives rather than having a few larger drives with a lot of videos streaming from them at one time.

The PowerVault series of hard drive enclosures allow me to connect up to 12 sets of hard drives per server. Each enclosure holds 15 hard drives. This gives me a huge amount of storage before I have to worry about expanding to something different in the future.

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