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My Rescued Feral Kitten

My Rescued Feral Kitten

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2 years
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This is a short clip of Socks, a feral kitten that I rescued from living outdoors with its mother and one other sibling. If you watched my previous video of a white, feral female cat, she is the mother of Socks. She has had many litters, none of them reaching adulthood due to the wild animals (coyotes, raccoons, owls) that prey on them. I caught Socks at a young age by simply using a laundry basket propped up with a water bottle, some twine and dry cat food. The mother cat and other feral kitten are a bit more trickier to catch and may entail a better means of entrapment. I hope to get the mother and other feral kitten fixed, vaccinated and re-released back onto the property (or possibly have the kitten adopted if caught young). Being feral, the mother cat is an outstanding hunter, There are some days where I travel a lot and come home to (unfortunately) bird feathers in the back of my home. I've actually seen the mother cat snatch a flying bird in mid air. She also catches mice, a big plus in this neck of the woods. Stay tuned for more videos of my feral cat family and please click on the "like" button and subscribe.


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