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Mining Free Cryptocurrency Using Solar Power

Mining Free Cryptocurrency Using Solar Power

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I am mining cryptocurrency for free using solar power to run my altcoin mining rigs.

We have 1,600 watts of solar panels so we have power to spare on bright, sunny days. Our off grid tiny house uses about half that on average at any given time.

So we have roughly 800 watts or so to burn. If not used, it is just wasted energy.

So I run cryptocurrency mining rigs for free using solar power. I am burning that excess power and hopefully putting away something for the future. Its like investing but without the cost.

I got a dual 1080 TI rig running first and got that stable. Then out at the solar power charge controller I saw that I was still in flat mode! While mining cryptocurrency my batteries are still in flat mode. That is awesome!

So I got inside and set up another mining rig. This was my Linux experimenting machine earlier. Now that I have switched over to Linux, I am not using this computer and it is collecting dust.

I had to get Windows back running on it so I could mine though. I have not yet mastered mining on Linux.

Once I had that running, outside I was still charging my batteries while running three 1080 graphics cards and mining for free.

I hope to continue to expand our solar power system in order to be able to run more cryptocurrency mining rigs for free on solar power.

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