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Didn't Happen 8/29/2019

Didn't Happen 8/29/2019

Harvey Hill

1 year
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VAAC and the US volcano monitoring agencies stepped back from a 70,000 ash ejecta call from the Shiveleuch Volcano down to 23,000 feet. Fishy that, because the Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the most watched areas on the planet with infrared to look for launches of tiny underground projectiles, but an eruption is so misjudged by 3X. Then spaceweather.com comes our for two days with an article explaining why sunsets are purple for two stratospheric level eruptions, but don't look at Shiveluch, its the other two. Finally the error was blamed on conversion from English to Metric height measurements, even though these Asian / US agencies have been working together for 50+ years, but get this one eruption wrong.


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