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Gutting A Computer To Build A Mining Rig Part 1

Gutting A Computer To Build A Mining Rig Part 1

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2 years
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I gutted a computer to use its parts to build an altcoin mining rig. I used my own homemade FrankenMiner 2.1 open air mining rig frame as the base for this build.

You can find the FrankenMiner 2.1 open air mining rig frame here:

First I had to disassemble the old computer. The cables and wires come out first. I took out the power supply to give me plenty of room to work with.

The power supply is a very nice after market power supply so this one is going onto my mining rig.

Then I had to remove the screws holding the motherboard in place. This is an old Dell so there are also some odd screws holding the motherboard somewhere near the CPU. These had to be located and removed.

Then the motherboard slipped out with ease.

I used zip ties to fasten the motherboard and CPU combo onto the mining rig frame.

Next came the power supply and then the hard drive.

First I put a single graphic card onto the motherboard and booted up into Windows. After a while Windows finishes installing the driver software for the graphics card and then I reboot the computer to make sure the drivers are properly working.

Then I can insert another card and then another. Sometimes Windows blanks out the monitor and you think the computer crashed. But just let it run and eventually the display comes back on.

I use MSI Afterburner to test out the cards and set the cooling fans on high. This prolongs the life of the graphics cards.

This is part one of the video. Stay tuned for the second half, coming soon....


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