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Processing Fire Wood For Off Grid Tiny Home Heat

Processing Fire Wood For Off Grid Tiny Home Heat

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10 months
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I hauled home a load of fire wood that was free for the taking on the road side. Then I cut it, split it and stacked it to use for our off grid tiny house heating this winter.

There was a nice amount of oak fire wood sitting there for free so I hauled it home. Some was cut at the perfect size for the wood stove but some was not cut at all.

I unloaded the truck and then cut the logs to size with my chainsaw.

Then I split everything on the log splitter and stacked it up for burning. I sort the fire wood as I stack, putting dry wood in one pile and the wet wood in another.

I got a decent amount of fire wood from this haul.

I brought over my wood chipper next to the log splitter. From now on I will run the tree bark through the chipper right in place where it falls. The mulch can then be used on our garden to retain moisture and provide nutrients for the garden plants.


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