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Replacing The Thermostat On Our 2006 Buick Lacrosse

Replacing The Thermostat On Our 2006 Buick Lacrosse

The Do It Yourself World

11 months
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Replacing the thermostat in our 06 Buick Lacrosse turned out to be a very easy job. I was expecting it to take a lot longer because in most newer vehicles you have to remove a lot of shielding and sometimes other parts to get to the part you want to replace.

NOTE: NEVER work on a car until the engine has cooled down. Never work on the cooling system with a hot engine. Severe burns or death could result.

Be prepared to mop up all spills and dispose of used fluid in a safe and legal manner.

In this case I did not need any tools to remove the shroud on top of the engine so I could better replace the thermostat.

I had to find a 10 mm socket for the job plus an extension for my socket wrench. That was the only thing I needed.

I removed the two screws from the thermostat housing and the housing came right up in my hands. Removing the old thermostat and gasket took a minute because they were corroded on.

I then cleaned the surfaces of the thermostat housing and engine before putting in the new thermostat and gasket.

You have to insert the thermostat into the gasket and then put both together into the engine. Then put the housing back in place and tighten the screws down.

Be careful with aluminum engines so you dont cross thread the bolts in and strip the threads.

Then I put the shroud back on.

Next is to check the radiator fluid level and top it off if needed. You may need to bleed your system to get any air out of the lines.

This was a very easy do it yourself job.

We are homesteaders on the path to self sufficiency. Part of being self sufficient is to repair our own vehicles when possible.

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