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Sanding And Finishing Live Edge Slabs And DIY Tube Work

Sanding And Finishing Live Edge Slabs And DIY Tube Work

The Do It Yourself World

1 year
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I am working on some live edge serving trays that I cut on my own lumber mill. And I am working heavily on DIY Tube Video Community.

I cut some live edge slabs on the lumber mill about 5 to 6 weeks ago and planned to make serving trays with them. The only problem is that they are to be gifts at a family get together and they have to be finished by a certain time. So I had to find a way to dry the wood faster than normal.

I put them in my office with stickers and a fan blowing on them for a few weeks. This did dry them out pretty well. But I had to finish them faster so I put them out by the wood stove in our off grid tiny house living room. I rotated them side to side for a week until they seemed dry enough to work with.

I wanted to run them through my planer but they are too wide to fit. So I ended up using my belt sander with 50 grit sand paper to rough sand them down and remove the chainsaw mill cutting marks.

Next I used the belt sander with 100 grit sand paper to smooth them out a bit. I also worked the edges with the belt sander to remove any cutting marks.

I used a palm sander with 150 grit to smooth off the wood surfaces even more. I also rounded off the edges and corners with this. And finally I worked it all using a sanding block and 220 grit sand paper to get a fine, smooth finish on the wood.

Inside our off grid tiny house I used boiled linseed oil to coat and protect the boards. I had to pour a generous amount right onto the wood and use a rag to push the oil over every bit of the board surface. The oil soaked right in fast so I had to use a second thick coat. Most of this soaked right in as well but some stayed on top, giving an oily sheen. I put the boards away for now to dry overnight.

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