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Winter Storm Stella Blizzard 2017 Reports From The Homestead

Winter Storm Stella Blizzard 2017 Reports From The Homestead

The Do It Yourself World

2 years
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Yesterday we had the worst winter storm I have seen since I have lived on this property. It truly was a blizzard out here with white out conditions at times and wind up to 50 mph.

The wind was blasting straight through the woods most of the day. It was also blowing from the North and East rather than the usual South West.

This protected the wind turbine from harm because it was sheltered by the tiny house on wheels.

The wind was blowing snow so badly that often I could not even see the trees on the side of the meadow.

I went out one time to attempt to shovel snow and make a path to the truck so I could get more water but gave up. The snow was filling in my path as I worked.

We had no solar power on this day. I cannot even see the solar panels at all right now. I will have to carefully dig through to find them.

We got about two feet of snow in all I think. It is thinner in the middle of the meadow where the wind was blowing the hardest. Tree branches were blowing all over the place during the day.

We are truly snowed in now. But that is fine. We have planned to be stuck for at least five days. And since we are off the grid there is nothing to worry about.

I figure it will take me about three to five days to shovel a path out of here for the vehicles. I hope the snow plow will come but he does not enter our yard. I have to shovel up the hill and through the driveway myself.

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